Say farewell to

floating doc chaos

Your looming project just got 10x easier. Wrangle in all

your "stuff" and never lose context with delightfully-

simple split-screen hubs.

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Benefits you can expect

Kahana simplifies review cycles and saves time and energy across research and writing processes.

  • See all your docs and content in 1 window

  • Pull up references in one click

  • Facilitate effective knowledge sharing

  • Build a churn-proof knowledge base

  • Unlock time you didn’t know you had


Do more with an end-to-end suite of features

Robust uploading

Fill out your knowledge base. Upload dozens of files in a single-click or drag-and-drop.

Web Saver

Save your tabs. Capture articles and web pages to reference while you research and write.

Smart Links

Referencing made easy. Connect your text to uploads and pull up materials in one click with Smart Links, a feature unique to Kahana.

Zen Mode

A fan favorite! Eliminate distractions and maximize your screen real estate to help you get in the zone and do deep work.

Delighful sharing

No more dumping attachments into emails and threads. Copy/paste a link to a connected hub of docs, files, and content.

A versatile solution

Kahana helps solo players, teams, and enterprises increase capacity.

No payment info required.

"This solves a pain point I've been trying to solve for 10 years."


Managing Director | Big 4 Firm


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