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You have a mission. Ours is to share your unique story and grow your audience through niche blogging and B2B SEO, delivered at an unprecedented pace.

Our workflow promotes collaboration betweencreators and subject matter experts. We willwork with you to ensure that your uniquebrand and voice is expressed perfectly throughthe content that we create.

Your dream blog is within reach

Unprecedented Speed

Our leadership team crafts a tailored SEO strategy that translates through all of your content

Our creators curate well-researched content in batches to ensure that topics are layered and connected

Our team revises with care to guarantee your voice resonates with your audience

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Love for Kahana

"Love this platform and absolutely everything the creators & contributors are doing. Hoping to work with them in 2021. If this is the future, we'll make it through just fine."

"I'm a freelance creative writing and an aspiring research scholar, I need to write a lot. You have no idea how convenient my work process has become using Kahana as a platform and that's saying a lot [...] It is just so soothing and pleasant to the eye. (I need to stop gushing about Kahana now I know, but it really is that good). To top it all, the user-interface is brilliant. It's easy to understand, simple to operate and strangely satisfying to use as a workspace."

"Well, there's a lot of platforms out there. Lots of blogs and sites for people to share their ideas and what have you - but they're all very very specific or too vague... but there's something more sophisticated about [this one]. It's a platform for the arts... I truly think this could be THAT platform."