My little sister has been a creator since she was 9 and has always known she wants to be a creator full-time. As we grew up, I watched her dedicate years of her life to creating content but struggle to monetize her passion. And she's not alone: millions of creators have similar experiences. We want to build a world where anyone can create a sustainable living doing what they love.

Jonathan, Co-Founder & CEO at Kahana

Creators, you are the future 💚

Over the last several years, we have experienced a fundamental shift in society: more and more people want to become creators and escape the traditional 9-5 path. In fact, according to a study by Adobe, nearly 1/4th of the global population is already contributing to the creator economy.

But the sad truth is that the creator economy is broken, as the vast majority of creators struggle to earn consistent living wages. In the last 12 months, 72% of creators earned less than $500, and 94% earned less than $10K.

You deserve to live in a world where you can make a sustainable living doing what you love. And that's exactly why we are building Kahana: to power your knowledge business and help you gain the financial independence you need to continue living your dreams.

Our Team