Collaborate with others and monetize together

You don't have to do it alone. Invite team members, colleagues, and experts to contribute to your hubs and share the profits.

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Divide & Conquer

Invite others to any hub you create as a Viewer, Commenter, Editor, or Admin, and build your hub together.

How to invite people to your Kahana hub

Advanced Permissions & Controls

As the Owner or Admin of a hub, you have the ability to add new members to the hub, change the roles/permissions of current hub members, and remove members from the hub. You are in complete control!

How to manage collaborator permissions in your hub

Pick & Choose

For any given hub, you can choose whether to be the sole Owner/Admin or invite others to join and contribute (and who you invite).

Make your Kahana hub private or collaborative

Seamlessly Access All Your Hubs

Easily access and view your role for any hub that you created or that you're a collaborator on.

How to access all of your hubs