Turn your knowledge into recurring revenue

Build dynamic hubs of all your best data, templates, insights, research, methodologies, and best practices. It's like charging for access to your brain.

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Bulk Upload

Add existing materials you've already created or curated (e.g., PDFs, Notion pages, Google Docs, web pages, videos, etc.) and create notes with ease to quickly build repositories of knowledge.

How to bulk upload materials with Kahana

Connect to Stripe

Connect to a new or existing Stripe account so that you can securely and seamlessly accept payments that go straight to your bank account for access to your hubs.

How to connect your Kahana account to Stripe

Choose Your Price Point & Payment Type

For each hub, choose how much you want to charge and whether it's a one-time payment or a recurring subscription to access.

How to select your price point & payment type for Kahana hubs

Start Earning!

After you set your payment terms, a paywall will automatically be generated for you that you can begin sharing! Be sure to add a title, cover photo, and description to each hub to improve the experience for potential customers.

Sharing your Kahana hub link